Confessions of a Curly Ginger

I’m a 24 year old mother of a magnificent, intelligent baby girl. I’m an eternal student, working in my very first archives job while I finish my Masters degree in Library Science/Archives. I’m an adventurer, always looking for a way to expand my consciousness. I read, I write, I eat, I sing. I’m a history professional. I’m in love with a boy who makes me laugh. Crunchy-Granola-Yoga Mama.
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#curvyyogasistas Days 5 & 6
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#ShesGotLegs Days 28-30
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#AumSweetAum Day 28-30
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Modified day 28 and 30 since I couldn’t do the full poses.

Morning uttanasana to help stretch after my run! I tried to pay attention to my neck since I’ve been holding so much tension there… #superheroavatarmama @ogyogini

Sunrise yoga at the beach! No filter needed. This was completely worth my run this morning! Thanks for the kick in the butt to do this @ogyogini! (Sped up x2) #superheroavatarmama

A most excellent sunrise run to seahorse beach!

Regram! Powerful stuff. #superheroavatarmama @ogyogini

Headstand and handstand scare the crap out of me… so here’s a little snippet of how I’m trying to work my body up to it! This is only a portion of my flow, and sped up x4. (And I threw in a little dolphin plank breathing for you, @ogyogini!) #superheroavatarmama

#AumSweetAum Day 27— #RestoreWednesdays Supported Salamba Sarvangasana//Shoulder Stand with Chair

Ya…. couldn’t find a way to be comfortable in this…

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#ShesGotLegs Day 27— Eka Pada Sirasana//One Foot Behind the Head

Not quite there, but way closer than I expected!! 😄

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#curvyyogasistas Day 4— Adho Mukha Svanasana//Downward Dog

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Yoga anytime, anywhere! It’s a lifestyle haha. Postures/shapes, breathing, chanting, consciousness, eating, healing… and sometimes bath time! #superheroavatarmama @ogyogini

Tagged to #stopdropandyoga by @devvy_loses_it so you get… This haha. I don’t know what this is… Play on camel pose?

I tag the glorious @herbivorous_pacifist & magnificent @hexagonsandcrystals to stop and drop!!

#curvyyogasistas Day 3— Plank Pose

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#ShesGotLegs Day 26— Supta Kurmasana//Reclining Tortoise Pose

Ya… This is about as far as I could get haha.

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